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Hence the Lord says to Isaias : "Go forth to meet Achaz. The scheme of the enemies shall not succeed: "it shall not stand, and this shall not be." What is to be the particular fate of the enemies?Achaz had abandoned the Lord for Moloch, and put his trust in an alliance with Assyria ; hence the conditional prophecy concerning Juda, "if you will not believe, you shall not continue".

The reading "she" ( ipsa ) is neither an intentional corruption of the original text, nor is it an accidental error ; it is rather an explanatory version expressing explicitly the fact of Our Lady's part in the victory over the serpent, which is contained implicitly in the Hebrew original.

C., openly professed idolatry, so that God gave him into the hands of the kings of Syria and Israel.

It appears that an alliance had been concluded between Phacee, King of Israel, and Rasin, King of Damascus, for the purpose of opposing a barrier to the Assyrian aggressions.

But even Duhm considers the theory as an apparent attempt on the part of the critics to find out what the readers are willing to bear patiently; he believes it is a real misfortune for criticism itself that it has found a mere compilation in a passage which so graphically describes the birth-hour of faith.

According to 2 Kings 16:1-4 , and 2 Chronicles 27:1-8 , Achaz, who began his reign 736 B.


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