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And if they succeed, the traditional brothel will soon be phased out. SPEC: So if I submit myself to be taken to heaven and back, what am I to expect?

Spectator investigations have it that instead of sex workers getting holed up in sleazy one-room apartments, hanging out in beer bars to grab clients or operating under madams who give them a cut of their nightly earnings, they are now going high-tech and digital by using e-mailing and cell-phones to book and co-ordinate their appointments. LADY: I'll have to mix drinks for you to get you in the mood; massage you all over the body till you groan in de¬light and then finally, you'll see something.

As our routine weekly count down photos takes over today, we compiled the top and baddest Ghanaian Senior High School Students who are in to professional prostitution and uses facebook to lure their clients.

These females posts provocative pictures of themselves on the top most social medias in order to attract rich men whose wives can not satisfy them on bed.

Benedicta posted on her facebook wall that she has regretted her acts in the tape which showed her having sex with a suspected male student of the Kumasi polytechnic whose identity is not yet known.

She asked for forgiveness and assured that she has taken a hard lesson in the episode which is now the current hot-topic on facebook and other social networking sites.

Making and releasing séx-tapé is starting to become a new norm in the African society as young men and women who are hoping for quick fame have now realised that selling séx is the fastest way to get there.

For B2C companies, there are a two major benefits to building a chatbot.

Sex workers in Accra and Tema are becoming wiser than the biblical serpent. This writer gave Lady Weiner GH¢15 for the conversa¬tion and parted company with his tail between his legs.

Because of their disgust at unannounced police swoops and harassment, the prostitutes are adopting more ingenious ways to perpetuate their illegal flesh trade. LADY,/b: They didn't give us breathing space, but some of us used experience and natural charm to get our fair share of the dollars and CFAs.

Read her full statement below: “I’m most proud of the blessings that God has bestowed upon me, in my life.

He’s given me the vision to truly see that you can fall down, but you can still get back up.


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