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Speed dating west midlands

The region is home to large quantities of limestone, and the East Midlands Oil Province.Charnwood Forest is noted for its abundant levels of volcanic rock, estimated to be approximately 600 million years old.

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The 2008 Lincolnshire earthquake was 5.2 magnitude.

Areas of the East Midlands designated by the East Midlands Biodiversity Partnership as Biodiversity Conservation Areas include: Major Oak in Sherwood Forest; a traditional landmark of the north-east Midlands; Britain's oldest tree is the Fortingall Yew in Perthshire; there are an estimated 3.8bn trees in the UK, with half of these in Scottish conifer forests.

The current Sheriff of Nottingham is Glyn Jenkins Several towns in the southern part of the region, including Market Harborough, Desborough, Rothwell, Corby, Kettering, Thrapston, Oundle and Stamford, lie within the boundaries of what was once Rockingham Forest – a designated royal forest.

An example of how alike replica and real guns can be - on the left is a replica BB gun while on the right is the real police issue 9mm self loading pistol.

Both have been seized by West Midlands Police Pc Rob Pedley, a former firearms officer for 11 years, said: 'We obtain the guns through a variety of sources, many are seized but some are surrendered and handed in through amnesty’s and via other means.


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