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“When you have sex with someone, you are leaving them a piece of yourself and taking a part of them with you,” they add.Abstaining while you date allows for a clear assessment of another person without sex clouding your judgment.During that time, he struggled to remain true to his religious beliefs. “The decision to wait was one of the most difficult ones I’ve ever made in my life,” he shares in the book.“I asked myself, ‘What if what I was doing disqualified me for the full manifestation of the call God has on my life? ’ ” For De Von, short-term pleasure outside of a commitment before God wasn’t worth missing his blessings.REGISTER NOW FOR DEVON FRANKLIN & MEAGAN GOOD'S E-LEARNING COURSE: "THE WAIT: GUIDE TO DISCOVERING LASTING LOVE THROUGH CELIBACY" On any given Sunday, you can find film producer De Von Franklin and actress Meagan Good just about anywhere.The set of one of their film projects, a church where De Von preaches the word or the red carpet during awards season are just few of their regular stops.Meagan, who stars in Fox’s Minority Report, has just returned from Canada, where the series is filmed.Her prayers to do a sci-fi action project were answered with the TV adaptation of Steven Spielberg’s international blockbuster.

Their story made headlines and many articles covering their personal choice followed.“Those nine months between God telling me that De Von was my husband and his asking me out on our first date was one of the toughest times of my life.” DATE WHILE YOU WAIT Sex is a gift from God in which you are one with another person. In our society, waiting for marriage to have sex is often considered a practice of the past.Yet the effect of sex on our spirits is unchanging.REGISTER NOW FOR DEVON FRANKLIN & MEAGAN GOOD'S E-LEARNING COURSE: "THE WAIT: GUIDE TO DISCOVERING LASTING LOVE THROUGH CELIBACY" GET GOD’S BEST Growing up in Oakland, De Von knew he loved the Lord.He also wanted a career in entertainment and, at 18, got the first taste of the high life while interning for Will Smith’s management team.Alongside the remakes of The Karate Kid and Annie rests Jumping the Broom, the film that jump-started his own marriage.In 2010 Meagan arrived on the set of the romantic film unsure of what the future held for love.The Pursuit of Happyness boasted 9 million, and Heaven Is for Real grossed more than million.Perched on his bookshelf are scripts he’s helped bring to the big screen.Now they are offering all the details of their experience and encouraging others to consider celibacy before marriage in their new book, (Howard), due out February 2.In the tome, the two are honest about their undertaking.


  1. Feb 17, 2016. The following questions will help you determine if you are dating a potential mate or wasting your time. I recently came across 20 Questions You Should Ask Before You Get Engaged by Bishop T. D. Jakes. As I began to scan the list, in my mind some of the questions really needed to be asked when you.

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