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She was wearing a short blue jean skirt and a white tank top with no bra. After she got in the car she asked if anything was wrong.. I told her nothing was wrong just didn’t want to go back to school.

I worked my way down to her leggs and pulled her skirt off and went down to lick her soaking wet pussy. Then she got lifted her skirt and straddled me in the car while I was driving. Well we finally got to my school and I still havent been able to get my mom off. The story which i am about to tell you guys is a real one which happened almost 2 years ago. So we left early to the wedding hoping to return early.Me and my mom live in delhi and my dad lives in Dubai. Our driver took us there and it was a great wedding. She was wearing a blue saree and was looking very hot in that. The driver tried to start the engine but he couldnt.My first thought was that it was going to be a very long trip. She’s 42, brown hair, golden tan, and a very nice figure. Always wearing tight pants and you can see the outline of her thong. The morning of the drive I woke up to what had to be the hottest day of the summer. Well I loaded up the car and I was already sweeting. Her nipples her in plain view through her wet tank top and her leggs were apart and you could see her crotch. I Took a towel and started patting her chest and legs. Just as I put the last bag in the car mom walked out. They were all drunk and they were asking us whether they could give us a lift. They called their other friends from inside the car and came towards us. They pulled my mom and me out of the car an took us inside.I said no to them cause they were looking dangerous. One of them kicke my driver and then they opened my car's door and pulled out my mom out of it. Two of them holed me and then they took me and my mom in their car and drove us to some place. My mom was shouting and asked them to leave her but no one listened. She got the cold water and poured it down her neck and which then ran down her cleavege and down to her belle and then to her pussy. (we were in the middle of no where) I pulled over and she got out and walked to the hood of the car. I got out and when I walked up to her she took my hands and asked if I wanted to fill her tits.. Instead she took my hands and pulled them up to her chest and I took over from there the felt better than I had ever dreamed. I couldn’t believe I was fucking my mom in the ass. Where we made out for a min or two she grabbed my dick and I said next time mom. she leaned over and I soaped it up really good and inched my hard cock in her ass.. Lol I was 19 going to back to college for some summer classes. My mom was pretty tight on funds so we decided that we were going to drive.


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