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Testing and updating the plan

Let me guess, you are too busy to actually go through these steps and complete them thoroughly, right?If you cannot answer yes to all the above you doing yourself a real injustice.DR testing doesn’t have to be costly, the more often you test your DR plan the less costly it can be! Your cloud service provider should make it easy for you to test your DR service and should be able to provide useful feedback during and after this process. *Don’t Forget* In order to ensure you have received the most out of your testing, document places where problems occurred and adjustments were made.

Let me guess, you have a DR plan and to the knowledge of management, it works.Not only will you not be prepared should something happen; you are affecting the fate of your company financially, legally and ethically.Offsite Data Sync can make this task a little easier so you can focus on strategic initiatives and organizational growth.Step 6: Create a schedule for updating the plan; an outdated plan is as good as no plan at all!Disaster recovery plans are most commonly tested semi- annually, however, can be tested as often as monthly or quarterly. Especially this plan, one that helps keep the doors of your organization open.Testing is vital to an organization’s preparedness plan because it reveals weaknesses, gaps in resources and other opportunities for improvement before a real event occurs.Testing An organization should review and test its disaster preparedness plan at least once a year to evaluate the effectiveness of its current disaster preparedness program.Such changes can include: A review should ensure that plans and procedures are up to date.This includes verifying the accuracy of team rosters, resource availability and the contact information of preparedness team members, relevant employees, suppliers and vendors, contractors and public agencies.Unit Testing involves testing the smallest possible unit of an application and is an essential component of the software development process.It is the first chance to test pieces of a system or application to ensure that they function as planned.


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