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According to , in the case of a court order or emergency situation Kik can [provide] ( the authorities with a time-stamped log of a Kik user’s sent and received messages, such as in the case of Nicole.In some instances, they can even trace the physical location of where a message was sent.Even people you consider friends can use this info against you, especially if they become ex-friends.● Read between the “lines.” It may be fun to check out new people for friendship or romance, but be aware that, while some people are nice, others are simply acting nice because they’re trying to get something.Flattering or supportive messages may be more about manipulation than friendship or romance.● Don’t talk about sex with strangers.Last week the FBI confirmed that the murder of 13-year-old Nicole Lovell was connected to the anonymous messaging app Kik.The young victim used the platform to message her alleged killer, David Eisenhauer, an 18-year-old Virginia Tech freshman who has since been arrested and charged with her abduction and death. It’s created a community of over 200 million users, but not everyone is just chatting with people they know personally.At some point in their story, they had a simple beginning introductory conversation with an unknown individual. Prevention education is one of the areas , which tells the story of a trafficked girl, or whether it is teaching about what healthy relationships look like and how to respect women- there is a need for young teens to be exposed to the truth so they will make good decisions when they are texted by complete strangers.

Except phones are with you wherever you are, often away from home and your usual support systems.However, they cannot view deleted messages, which makes the dangers hard to monitor.Company spokesperson Rod Mc Loed told the Associated Press that the problem is bigger than just Kik — especially when other messaging apps operate similarly.If they persist, call your local police or contact Cyber ● Avoid in-person meetings.The only way someone can physically harm you is if you’re both in the same location, so in order to stay 100% safe don’t meet them in person.Kik [recommends] (https://kikinteractive.zendesk.com/entries/23496671-How-are-random-people-messaging-me-) that if people use the app, that they choose a username that’s hard to guess, block anyone who messages them inappropriately, and not share their username on public platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Only use Kik to message people you know personally.Talking to strangers when you have no way of knowing who they are, or are pretending to be, is not worth the risk.Usually, when they are trafficked they go through a preparation phase, being conditioned and manipulated by an older guy, their future trafficker. So honestly now- would your 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 year old girl know well enough to not reply at all? I know you really, really, really want to know- did he come to church that Sunday? Sometimes girls eventually realize they are being controlled by a guy and need help to escape. Not even to at least to figure out if she knew the person who was asking as if he legitimately might have known her? Are you positive her self-worth is so complete that she wouldn’t begin to like a guy who LOLed at her and told her she was pretty/funny/sweet/interesting/worth being friend-to or having “fun” with? Traffickers and pimps consider girls somewhat expendable. But more often, the typical trafficking victim experiences extreme confusion, having been so coierced and manipulated that they don’t even realize that it is not normal or good to be used for sex. The other day, totally out of the blue, a complete stranger began this conversation with me. Not that long ago in No VA one trafficker admitted to having over eight-hundred girls he was priming as “friends” through Facebook, most of which probably don’t have a clue to this day ( happen. Instead of fully hating their trafficker, often they see him through the lens of him being their provider, their “family,” the one who loves her and will always be there for her. It might be weird for you to think that this actually happens here, but I can assure you that it is happening in Northern Virginia as well, where we are considered a top hub of trafficking cases in our country. But if you don’t believe me because of the facts, believe me because of this . But while reading it, consider these questions: Obviously, I didn’t sext with the guy. Truth be told, I wanted to keep the conversation going, and would have if I didn’t know better.


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