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Tsukahara carbon 14 dating

Microalgae have much faster growth-rates than terrestrial crops.the per unit area yield of oil from algae is estimated to be from 20,000 to 80,000 l per acre, per year; this is 7–31 times greater than the next best crop, palm oil.

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Several genetically identical males that have reproduced vegetatively.Many of these trees may be even older than their listed ages, but the oldest wood in the tree has rotted away.For some old trees, so much of the centre is missing that their age cannot be directly determined.There are three tables of trees, which are listed by age and species.The first table includes trees for which a minimum age has been directly determined, either through counting or cross-referencing tree rings or through radiocarbon dating.This is a list of the oldest known trees, as reported in reliable sources.Definitions of what constitutes an individual tree vary.In addition, tree ages are derived from a variety of sources, including documented "tree-ring" count core samples, and from estimates.For these reasons, this article presents three lists of "oldest trees," each using varying criteria.The lipid and fatty acid contents of microalgae vary in accordance with culture conditions.Most current research on oil extraction is focused on microalgae to produce biodiesel from algal oil.


  1. Coral reefs modify their seawater carbon chemistry - implications for impacts of ocean acidification. 14-22. 2010 Global Algae; Calcium Carbonate Deposition;.

  2. As the number of applications grows on smart devices, there is a need to efficiently index and query their documents within.

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