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Updating album art in wmp

I can set the files as Read-Only and this prevents WMP from overwriting my 500x500px files, but I still don't want it creating the Album Art Small files.I hate it when software wants to think for you and decides to display something the way IT wants to and not the way YOU want to.The album art plays a vital role in this scenario, however, a wrong album art image will end up wronging the user.Therefore Album art can automatically be retrieved and updated without the need for the user to know anything about the album.Albums with no Album Art is shown with a common icon in Windows Media Player 12 such as the one shown in screen-shot below. Thankfully, Windows Media Player lets you to download Album Art. (You can use image search services like Google Images etc). Right-click on the downloaded image file and then choose “Copy”. In the Windows Media Player, make sure the files are listed in “Album” view. Right-click on the file for which you want to apply the copied image as Album Art. WMP will automatically add the album art to all the songs in the album.

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Restart WMP(without playing anything), go to the Album view in the Music navigation menu in the leftmost panel and then drag and drop a picture on the desired album.

The software can also help you in renaming songs and changing their metadata.

By Andy Rathbone Unlike Media Player 11, Windows Media Player 12 no longer offers an advanced editor to allow you to update and correct song tags.

Below is an example how an Album Art looks in Windows Media Player 12.

Many of the albums in your library may be missing Album Art information.


  1. Jan 8, 2013. Windows Media Player WMP is a case in point — it displays album art at a reduced size and there's no setting I could find to get it to display it at full size. However, I was able to find a forum post see the 06 August 2012 entry that tells you how to change the Windows Registry to force WMP to display.

  2. This bug is here like from forever, still not fixed. whenever i play a song the album art is always wrong of different songssometimes when i change contents of a folder, the thumbnail shows wrong files, even after refreshing. why basic things like these have not already been fixed? 5 comments; share.

  3. You must be not playing the songs which are in the album you are trying to update at that moment. Restart WMPwithout playing anything, go to the Album view in the Music navigation menu in the leftmost panel and then drag and drop a picture on the desired album.

  4. Jun 24, 2016. How to Stop it? One of the biggest annoyances with Windows Media Player is that it sometimes overwrites your custom album art images as well as folder thumbnails, replacing them with lo-res images. folder thumbnails with white border The dimensions of the updated would be 200×200 as.

  5. I have spent a large amount of time fixingand manually editing my music album art with 500x500px images. I have read the. I have set Retrieve Additional Information from the Internet to No, and I have set Update Music Files by Retrieving Media Info from the Internet to No also, however it still goes online.

  6. Most of the resources on the web talk about how to hide the album art, and not how to delete it. Ultimately, I was able to delete it by showing hidden files and folders and deleting all of the metadata files. The challenge is if Windows 7 is adding the wrong album art, it will probably automatically replace it with.

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