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Updating wii system for mario galaxy

Remember that standard definition video cable you found in the Wii's retail box? The Wii isn't a high-def game console, but that's no reason to settle for outmoded video input.Upgrading to component cables makes games noticeably sharper; just make sure you hop into your Wii's settings menu to enable 480p output.Look backward, friends: The Nintendo Wii still has some life in it.Dust off your Wiimotes and don your protective jackets -- we've found four ways to revitalize your old Wii.The Nintendo Wii is probably the most hackable game console ever made.With little more than an SD card, the internet and some moxie, the old system can do, well, almost anything.Speaking of substandard equipment that came in the box, we need to talk about the Wii Remote.This white wand may have ushered in a new era of motion-controlled gaming, but it's actually the advanced motion controller of its generation.

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The prices shown are the lowest prices available for Super Mario Galaxy 2 the last time we updated.

Protip: It's no secret that the Wii is a beefed-up Game Cube.

Find yourself a wired controller and memory card and pilfer library too. You've got one more avenue of Wii resuscitation, and it's a biggie: homebrew.

Forecasts are falling; profits are down; and Nintendo's new console just can't bottle the lightning its predecessor left behind.

The faithful may believe that the Wii U will pull through (after all, to play in the meantime.


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