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When the user saves the form, just like creating a new record, the record is saved to the server.If the AJAX call is a success, the record values are updated in the table and an ‘edited’ animation is shown: As I mentioned above when creating the record, same animation mechanism does exist while updating an edited record in the table.In such cases, you must supply an action to get the option list: . When you download j Table, you will have a folder structure as shown below: file is the main and only Java Script file which you must include in your project.C# codes above was not directly related to j Table and specific to the ASP. Other files (CSS and images files) are used for styling the table and forms. First, we add the Note that j Table is dependent on j Query and j Query UI (included UI effects).When the user clicks the add new record link, a j Query UI dialog based form is opened: This form is also completely automatically created based on the fields of the record!When you fill the form and save, j Table serializes the form and performs an AJAX call to the server.

j Table does not need anything else to create tables, forms, and animations. Child tables can also have their children and so on…

Title is also optional and the add new record link is changeable by the user with another element in the page.

While the records are being loaded, a ‘loading…’ animation is shown.

I’ll explain all options in the Details section but I want to explain some basics now. It looks like the sample below: To enable selecting, In the sample above, we are registering to selection Changed event. A child table is releated in a row in master table.

As you can see, j Table just needs a method of j Table is used to get records from the server (we will see this in detail). It looks like the sample below: To enable paging, Note that while sorting can be used with paging (as in this sample), it is completely independed from paging. In the event handler, we are getting selected rows by selected Rows method. Look at the screen below: Click here to see a live demo.


  1. TextBox. In this lesson, you will learn how to work with some of the common controls in Visual Basic 2017. Among the common controls are the label, text box, button, list box, combo box, picture box. The following program will add the value in textbox 1 and value in textbox 2 and displays the sum in a message box.

  2. However, in VB. Net, you can compile the equivalent, and that lead right down a road to the mentioned exception. VB will compile, but throw a runtime.

  3. You can do more than just clearing the TextBoxes in the above For Each Loops. For example you can change the background color of all the textboxes in GroupBox1, change their text, font size, etc.

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