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Whitney duncan dating survivor

Whitney Duncan: Well, if there was stuff to show, they would have showed it. All they had was some commentary about Cochran cracking jokes about, you know, "nine months later." He actually told us after he said it and it was funny. There was nothing going on in the bungalow next to Cochran. (Laughs) Reality TV World: There have been a lot of recent reports about how even though you presented yourself as single when you went on the show, you had actually secretly been married for a year... Whitney Duncan: Well, I'm not, like I said, I'm not here to talk about my private life.Whitney Duncan: I'm not going to talk about my private life. You don't -- nobody goes out there and bares it all. From [Edna Ma] not being a doctor to Jim being a school teacher, I was simply a songwriter. That's very private and I've always been so private about my private life, so you know, I'm not going to start talking about it now just because of something that's come out. I was in an unhealthy and unhappy relationship and I never would have thought I would have fallen in love on .

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"He even went to help out at her parents' house in West Tennessee a couple times." At one point before returning home, Duncan phoned Fallgatter, and, as Fallgatter told the friend, "He said she sounded weird, like something was up, and not like she was looking forward to seeing him." Fallgatter's suspicions were confirmed in a subsequent call, the friend says, when she confessed that she had developed a relationship with another Survivor contestant, Keith Tollefson. I'm gonna be really happy when I get a home one day and never have to move again." Since then, she and Tollefson have been spotted around Nashville, and she refers to a BF in her Twitter posts.

" Duncan tweeted on February 14 along with a photo of herself kissing Tollefson on the cheek.

"Thanks to everyone for the best wishes on mine and @whitneyduncan's engagement," Tollefson tweeted.

Reality TV World: That's fine, all I was trying to do is give you a chance to comment, as what's been out [in the press] so far is Donny suggesting otherwise. I mean, you have to take into consideration where information comes from.

Reality TV World: Sure, that's why I was just trying to give you an opportunity [to comment directly]...


  1. Whitney Duncan's Survivor South Pacific bio says she is 27, resides in Nashville and is a country music singer. Check, check, and check. Asked to describe.

  2. That and also on the TVguide Survivor SP preview she said something about flirting? even though her boyfriend would mind but her boyfriend wouldnt

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