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When the material being sealed belonged to the royal institutions, the pharaoh’s name would be etched on the cylinder seal and thus impressed on the mud.

Although using royal inscriptions to date both the sealing fragments and the feature in which they were found is tempting, it is not that straight forward.

While their hemispherical body resembles Meidum-ware bowls (a type of red-coated and very well-polished vessel), the surface of the CD7 is covered with a white wash, a rare feature in Old Kingdom pottery.

These white carinated (having a ridge or bend) bowls were produced in large quantities, perhaps in one locality—Giza—during a very short span of time.

The only other Old Kingdom sherds that we have found have been in a later intrusive deposit in a cairn built over the Royal Administrative Building.

The nomen, one of the king’s four names, was often incorporated into the name of the monarch’s pyramid or into the personal names of the people who served in the dead king’s cult.

Seals with those names could date to well after the king’s death.

Of these, a type designated CD7 is particularly interesting, because it seems to be unique to Giza.

Preliminary comparisons with pottery collected at other sites find few if any other examples of CD7 anywhere else in Egypt.


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